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Halo pipple play primal alerm!

2010-03-04 10:38:02 by CHADWARDEN

chek dat game out iz da bamb men! :D i promiz, hirz sum ingame footidge so u ken fist ur eyez on

i tink it wold be the best game for da yeer of 2100, so play it guyz!!

Halo pipple play primal alerm!


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2010-03-04 11:03:48

Gayest looking Fred Flinstone evar!!!11

CHADWARDEN responds:

daz not fredi cogar, i tink you made a mistak men


2010-03-04 11:20:38

holy moly this looks cool, i wil play becaz you said :)


2010-03-06 01:09:00

I gave it a shiny sticker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-03-14 07:14:05

this is some kinda nightmare: /525924


2010-06-08 04:41:04

Give me the password to this account pl0x.

CHADWARDEN responds:

noh! im not chirsten


2011-06-16 00:19:47

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